Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Journey into beading

Today I'm opening the lid on my new beady box and hope you will enjoy sharing my hobby with me and other beaders out in blogland. Although this is my third blog, it has taken an age to set up. I seem to have forgotten how to do anything regarding blogging and have made mistake after mistake in creating a personal banner and just getting it uploaded was soooooo frustrating!! Anyway upwards and onwards as they say!  And so the box is open..........!
Today's delve into the box reveals that I use semi precious gemstones in my jewellery. I  love the tactile nature of stones - they are cold to touch, smooth to feel, exciting in colour, and make me feel good when I wear them.   I now have beads to match everything in my wardrobe!   Did I mentioned that this hobby is very addictive?

I made these pieces last year from beads purchased from Beads Direct and China.  From the close-up you will be able to see the individuality of the stones.   

Beads and findings used for this 7.3/4" bracelet: 
Bowenite: tablet 10 mm x 15 mm
                   three sided rice 10 mm x 20 mm
Golden Sandstone: 6mm rounds
Red Agate:  rice 10 mm x 30mm (in the necklace)
Beading wire, crimp beads, clasp,
Bowenite it is said: "can bring success to all pursuits or to make a clean break from past traumas/environments. This stone is a true symbol of love, friendship and thankfulness." from the web.  I just love the colours and marbling but if theres any truth in these words - I like them too because they fit the day and are shown in love, friendship and thankfulness for your support!
One of the things that I've found difficult to get my head round when I started beading were sizes - if you view them on the telly they look so big, but in reality much small than you thought!  There are also many shapes, so I thought it would be useful to give this info should you be tempted to have a go yourself.  I've made numerous mistakes in buying the wrong thickness/thinness of wire ,findings and tools which I will past on to you, and I would welcome your advice/experiences on any area that will help the box become as useful source of info as the cupboard.
I hope you will find the box full of interesting jewellery, colour and information - I will shortly open my Friday Followers Gallery, so didn't forget to contact me and we can get together and arrange to view your work. 
Thanks for dropping by - let's have some creative fun together.



  1. I love the coolness of semi-precious stones as well Ikki. One of my favourite necklaces that I wear is made from 10mm brain agate balls and tiny garnet balls. The colours are so varied, ranging from grey, beige, brown, cream and lilac. The necklace goes with so many things that I wear, it is really versatile! That is the beauty of making something yourself. The colours that you have chosen are so well balanced, I really like the deeper brown against the paler marbled stones, it's a really good combination, Judith xx

  2. Congrats on the new blog, and I'll be following it with interest. I've evolved into different crafting directions, and am thoroughly enjoying the ride. Mind you, it helps having the extra time recent retirement has given me. Happy beading! x

  3. Congratulations on getting the new blog launched. I've become a follower of this blog, too, and I am looking forward to future posts. I could sure use any beading advice you're willing to share! LOL.

  4. Very interesting Ikki, I haven't done any beading but will follow your pursuits with eagerness.It's always good to have a new hobby.

  5. Oh these are lovely,congratulatios on your new blog and thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Ikki, I am not a 'beader' or even a wearer of much jewellery, but I do love to see what folks cand do with them. These are lovely :o)
    Jackie xx

  7. Lovely necklace and thanks for sharing the information about the beads. You are right - buying beads/findings etc online has a few pitfalls. It is always good to actually see beads 'in the flesh' although it's a bit like being let loose in a sweet shop, so much temptation!!

  8. Hi Ikki just popped over to say congrats on this super new blog. A very pretty necklace. We ladies all love beads and gemstones. I will be following your new journey. Thanks for the comment you left for me.... without your inspiration I might never have started my blog xxxx
    Eileen xx


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